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Sabbath Weekend

To carry on the work begun at the Interfaith Forum, local religious leaders called for a Break the Silence Sabbath Weekend on January 19-21, 2001. On these dates, congregations throughout Central Ohio heard a unified “no tolerance” message about family violence in pulpit sermons. Family violence prevention and referral materials were also distributed.

For more information on the Faith Community task force or any of its initiatives, write to us.

Personalized Safety Plans
Download a PDF version of our 7-step personalized safety plan to enhance the safety of yourself and your family.

Resource Display Cards
If you are an employer, medical professional, attorney, law enforcement official, member of a social service agency, or a religious leader in Central Ohio, you can order the wallet-sized cards. Limited quantities available. Anyone can download a PDF version.

Not sure if you want to order?
Download and view a Resource Display Card first.
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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