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Interfaith Youth Forum

In May 2002, the Faith Community Task Force launched an event for local youth to train them how to avoid or break the cycle of violence. Over 300 high school students from a variety of religious faiths attended this program.

Congrats to Young People of the Central Ohio Faith Community
Last Memorial Day weekend, many of you attended the Break the Silence Interfaith Youth Forum to learn about family violence – how to prevent it, and how you might intervene. At the conference, you brainstormed ways to address the problem of family violence in your own faith community. You’ll find them listed here.

Youth Groups Ideas to Help “Break the Silence.“ Download a Faith Action Plan by clicking on the faith denomination that interests you at right.  

Here's what some of our speakers had to say at the 2002 Break the Silence Interfaith Youth Forum:
(Requires Quicktime)

    Abigail Wexner

Founder and Board Chair, Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence
    Reverend Harvey Carey
Salem Baptist Church of Chicago

Keynote Speaker

Rabbi Arthur Nemitoff
Temple Israel

Board and Faith Community Task Force Member, Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence


Hey Kids! We Want to Hear from You
All these ideas are amazing. We’re proud to share them with our entire Coalition! We’re also curious... What parts of your action plan have you already implemented? Have you encountered any obstacles? How can the Coalition help?

Call us at 614-722-5985, or send us an email about what’s up with your efforts to break the cycle of violence in your lives.

For more information on the Faith Community task force or any of its initiatives, write to us.

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