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CCAFV: Business Community Task Force
Family Violence Doesn’t Stay Home When Its
Victims Go to Work.

Family violence manifests itself in the workplace with harassment, poor attendance and loss of productivity. Most Central Ohio employers have no internal support system to help victims, much less policies or procedures to guide managers or supervisors who interact with individuals struggling with this issue. The Business Community Task Force is working with private and public sector employers to increase awareness, develop an emergency response mechanism, provide training, and establish victim-sensitive policies.

How does the issue of Family Violence impact both victims and their employers? The statistics paint a picture of victims who are stalked when they go to work, who lose time on the job and often are viewed as poor employees because of their victimization. By addressing family violence in the workplace, employers have the ability to improve their bottom line and save lives.

Business Outreach Is Part of Our Mission.
The Coalition's research shows that the workplace is one of several places where a victim turns for help. This is why it is essential all employers take important steps to learn about the issue and create an environment that can help victims of abuse.

How the Coalition Can Help Your Business

Customized Action Plans

Training for HR, Security and Other Staff.
Education Campaign for your staff and customers which includes resource cards and holders, posters and other materials.
The Coalition has a full time task force director dedicated to helping local employers respond to family violence in their organizations. Contact us for more information.

These are not marginal business concerns. Public perceptions, productivity, costs, safety and liability are the core of many important corporate decisions; and are the very factors employers take into account when considering any issue affecting employees and the workplace.


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