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Stopping Family Violence in the Workplace Is Good Business

In fact, 91% of consumers think it is a good idea for companies to support prevention of family violence and 66% of senior executives believe their companies' financial performance would benefit from addressing domestic violence with employees.

How Does This Issue Impact Business?

The Facts:
Employers lose 175,000 days each year due to family violence
Boyfriends and partners commit 13,000 acts of violence against women in the workplace each year
75% of employed victims are harassed on the job by their abusive partners
Family violence costs employers between $3-5 billion annually, just in absenteeism
37% of victims say abuse had an impact on their work performance, including missed promotions
In a survey of senior executives, 47% said that domestic violence has a harmful effect on the company's productivity

Employers Say They Need Help Addressing the Crime of Family Violence
A large majority of surveyed Employee Assistance Program providers have dealt with specific domestic violence situations; 83% had an employee with a restraining order against an abusive spouse or partner and 71% had an employee being stalked at work
94% of corporate security directors surveyed rank domestic violence as a high security problem
78% of human resource professionals say domestic violence is an issue in the workplace
One third of senior executives think domestic violence has an impact on the bottom line, 40% say they were personally aware of employees and other individuals who were affected by family violence and 57% believe domestic violence is a major problem in society

Issues Related to Family Violence in the Workplace:
Increased absenteeism
Lower morale
Higher health care costs
Blemished corporate image
Greater threats to security
Heightened legal liabilities
Elevated costs to replace employees

Areas of Focus in Responding to Family Violence at Work:
Create a supportive environment
Train supervisors to respond
Develop human resource policies
Implement Employee Assistance Programs and workplace safety plans to address the issue
Assess security training and protocols
Involve employee health services and wellness programs
Address legal issues
Share community resource information with employees

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