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No one deserves to be abused. If this is happening to you, it is not your fault. Remember that you are not alone.

How to Help Yourself:

If you are in an emergency situation, call 911. The police or sheriff’s office can get you and your children away from risk.

Talk to a friend, neighbor, minister or doctor – they can be a good source of support and help.

Make a plan in case you decide to leave. Set aside some cash; important documents such as Social Security cards, insurance policies, medical records and birth certificates; a spare set of keys; and a change of clothes that you can access easily in a crisis situation.

Contact community resources to find out how they can help. They can assist you if you need a place to stay or need help taking legal action against the person who is abusing you. Visit the Treatment Centers and Resources page for a list of phone numbers.

Learn how to protect yourself from stalkers and harassing individuals by reading Stalking Safety Tips.

How to Help Others:

Plan what you want to say, determine a good time and place to talk.

Ask questions like “How can I help you? What do you want to do about the situation?” Listen without judgment.

Do not demoralize or criticize. Give the victim plenty of time to answer.

Don’t say “Just get out” – it is not safe advice.

Let the victim know that you believe that verbal, emotional or physical abuse in a relationship is never acceptable.

Provide the victim with information about local resources that can help.

How to Help a Child Who Is Being Abused:

Report your suspicions of child abuse. All calls are confidential. Franklin County Children Services: 614-229-7000.

How to Help a Senior Citizen Who Is Being Abused:

Report your suspicions of elder abuse or neglect. All calls are confidential. Adult Protective Services: 614-462-4348.

How to Help Someone Who Is Being Abusive:

Refer him/her to one of these Batterer's Intervention Programs:

  - Africentric Personal Development Shop, Inc. 614-253-4448
  - Crossroads – Solutions to Domestic Violence 614-445-0352
  - Southeast, Inc 614-225-0990

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