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History of the Coalition
The Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence was founded by Mrs. Abigail Wexner in 1998. A young mother with children of her own, she knew that, heartbreakingly, in our society, many children are not safe. They are victims of abuse, as are many women. The cycle of violence continues generation after generation as children from violent homes often become abusers themselves. Mrs. Wexner founded the Coalition to stop the violence here in Central Ohio — with this generation.

The Coalition Today
In the past several years, the Coalition has experienced a number of changes. Many of these changes are reflected in our leadership and organizational structure. In 1999, we welcomed our extremely knowledgeable and capable President, Karen S. Days. Under her leadership, we have coalesced into an organization that originates programs designed to foster change within our local institutions.

Learn more about the merger between the Center for Child and Family Advocacy and the Coalition.

The video below was produced by WBNS 10TV for The Coalition and presents educational and awareness information about the impact of family violence and the work of CHOICES, a domestic violence support organization.

Check Our Progress...
Download the Coalition's 2001 Community Report.
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Dear Partners and Friends,

The Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence is about change...changing our culture to eliminate any tolerance for family violence.

We have learned the only way to effect change is to look at every institution that touches a victims life. This is why the Coalition is organized around task forces or touchpoints where victims and institutions interact. These touchpoints present opportunities for positively changing a life. We find them in our courts, doctors offices, workplaces, social service agencies and places of worship.

Our task forces are working to capitalize on these opportunities, not duplicate the work of the many fine programs already in existence. We are focusing on gaps and barriers as they exist system-wide. A good example of this is our Health Care Task Force. We quickly realized that a lack of protocols and policies for addressing family violence victims in hospital emergency departments and clinics meant we were missing opportunities to identify and help those in need. Now we are developing uniform standards and training for all our local hospital emergency departments so they will be able to respond more effectively to victims.

Today our direction is clearer, yet no easier. We know it will take all of us working together to stop the cycle of violence in our community.

We also know that success is not possible without our partners, the nonprofit agencies, businesses, governmental organizations and volunteers who give their time to marshal the resources for change. To them, we owe our deepest gratitude.

We look forward to a time when families live in peace and violence is a thing of the past.

Abigail Wexner, Founder and Board Chair
Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence


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